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Snow Cone Debby

Maggie OwensComment

Name: Debby Rico

Location: Niland, California

Occupation: Selling snow cones to overheated tourists in the Californian desert. She moved to the desert from Pamona, California ("to get away from our kids," says her husband Richard) and found herself incredibly bored. That's when she came up with the whole snow cone idea. "It's perfect so long as I don't sell anything that the general store across the street sells."

Favorite Color: Blue. It just always has been. But, even though she loves blue, her favorite snow cone flavor is not blue raspberry. It's actually a mysterious flavor called "Tiger's Blood" with a splash of pineapple right on top. It's also Richard's favorite flavor. In fact, he wants people to try it so badly, he offers just about everyone a bite from his personal snow cone (until Debby reminds him to "think of hygiene").