Seeking Color In The US

Panda Chan Amanda

Maggie OwensComment

Name: Amanda

Anthrocon Alias: Panda Chon

Hometown: Pittsburgh 

What colors remind you of your hometown: Black and Gold, baby. COME ON STEELERS! Come on Roethlisberger, take it home for us this season!*

*we had to wikipedia every sports reference you seen in this interview

Favorite color: Anything pastel, but mint green is her favorite.

Profession: Artist, jewelry and clothing maker.  Her art is an explosion of pastels. 

Panda Chon says that she gets a lot of the inspiration for her art from going to so many conventions.  She is a proud member of the furry community and is excited to have AnthroCon in her hometown. 

She is also inspired by anime and retro gaming (she still plays Ages Genesis).  

Her dog Nico loves conventions too.