Seeking Color In The US

Native Plants Juan Carlos

Maggie OwensComment

Hometown: Lives in Albuquerque, NM.  Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico

Profession: Works at Helen’s Native Plants on 4th St. in Albuquerque, a nursery specializing in desert plants native to the area.  Also, they have chickens and roosters.  There may be a duck (stay tuned). 

Favorite color: Blue.  

Why is blue Juan Carlos’ favorite color?  “I’m a guy,” he says (this is an answer we get a lot). He thinks it’s proof that God is a guy too.  “If God was a woman, the sky would be pink.”

Favorite Shade of Blue: Blue Jeans Blue.  Classic.  

Rooster Situation: Juan Carlos has a rooster that is so brawny and bad (I’m sure his favorite color is blue too) that it killed another one of the roosters that roam around Helen’s Native plants.  However, Juan Carlos’ prize winning rooster one met a duck, and having no idea how to fight a duck was forced to forfeit.  The duck’s favorite color is pink.