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Hobo Nickel Archie

Maggie OwensComment

Name: Archie 

Profession: President of the Official Hobo Nickel Society

Hometown: Somewhere in Florida though he travels around in his van, teaching the country about hobo nickels. 

Just What Is A Hobo Nickel: Back in the early 1900’s, hobos that hopped from train to train would often make artistic carvings on a buffalo nickel (a special nickel with a buffalo on it). Archie said that hobos would give these carved nickels to train conductors in order to let them know they were “cool.” Though hobos, train travel and, quite frankly, using nickels have become less prevalent, the art form of carving these nickels still exists today and has even taken on modern twists. 

Example Of A Modern Twist: Archie knew one young woman who carved the buffalo on the coin into a buffalo stripper, including its very own stripper pole and heels. 

How Did You Get Involved With Hobo Nickels: "My dad started me in Hobos back in 1994 and it was a great 20 years and still will be a great future.

Your Greatest Moment With Hobo Nickels: He sold one hobo nickel for 24,000. 

What Is Your Favorite Color: We’re gonna have to do a direct quote on this one because otherwise you won’t believe us. "My favorite color is whatever croc i have on my right foot and whatever different  color i have on left. It makes people smile and talk.” We can’t make this shit up.

Bonus Fact: We won’t mention the specific carrier but Archie’s online handle is HoboChief69. Again, can’t make this shit up.