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Insert Your "Going Nuts" Pun Here

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One more thing about Alamogordo. We visited the World's Largest Pistachio. 

Right next door was a pistachio-themed gift shop. Centerstage was the most delicious pistachio brittle you could ever imagine sampling. Somehow we spent a total of 4 minutes marveling at the sheer stature and size of the world's largest pistachio but we spent AN ENTIRE 40 minutes sneaking more and more samples of the pistachio brittle.

It got a little pathetic actually, like the scene in a cartoon where some desperate character keeps returning through revolving doors wearing different costumes pretending to be a different person. 

Yep, we "looney-tuned" this shit. But that's what you get when you have a cartoonishly large nut outside your front door and magically-delicious pistachio brittle waiting inside. 

Here's To Your Health

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Even though we didn't "technically" bring a tent or "technically" pack any clothing for extreme weather (such as mild rain) or "technically" learn how to drive or "technically" ever find out where "Arkansas" is,  we did prioritize one thing: sandwiches. We studied sandwiches by each state well before we left for this trip. 

Arizona's signature sandwich isn't "technically" as sandwich at all. It's a mutha-fucking ASS WOOPING BOOTY-POPPING PILL POPPING QUESTION-POPPING PRINGLES-POPPIN MARY-POPPIN hot POPPIN DOG. 

... I'm sorry. We are writing this very late at night. You "technically" shouldn't be reading this for your health. 

Anyway, it's the Sonoran hot dog. We searched for hours in the desert for this mythical hot dog. Technically, it would've been easiest to find in Tucson but we weren't "technically" talking to one another when were there. So, with mere hours before we reached the New Mexico border, we had to find this jaw-dropping popcorn-chicken-poppin hot dog. 

Here are the ingredients: 

We would show you a picture of the Sonoran Hot Dog we found. It was truly delicious. But... we were starved when we finally find it in the town of Eloy, AZ so before we could take a photo of it, we had already eaten it. Plus, tensions were still high. We won't "technically" get into the "technicalities" of our fight but it can be summarized by saying Ceil is more than "technically" a bitch. 

We did however take a picture of an awesome sign we saw in Eloy.

here's to your heatlh3.jpg

I didn't expect to cheers to my health with a hot dog wrapped in bacon and drenched with refried beans. But, then again, we also didn't expect to ever speak to each other ever again. So, thanks, Arizona. Here's to your health!