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Sunrise in Rye, New Hampshire

Color 18, Color 9, Color 3Maggie Owens1 Comment

We're not really the type to see sunrises very often. Quite literally, our hometown has a neighborhood called the Sunset.*

*A big shout-out goes to Stonestown Galleria. We wouldn't be here without you. RIP Limited Too, Zutopia and the Croc's Kiosk. 

That being said, we're so lucky Maggie's cousin Annie invited us for a sunrise walk on the beach in Rye, New Hampshire.

She promised us there'd be a moment when the sands would reflect the sky and the whole world would feel orange. As you can see from the pictures below, she delivered on her promise. 

We promised her that, since it was 4:45am, we'd be cranky and wouldn't be able to form complete sentences. We, too, delivered on our promise.