Seeking Color In The US


Colorado Chapel

Color 24, Color 16Maggie OwensComment

What a welcome we got once we crossed the border into New Mexico. Look at this roadside chapel we happened upon.

Look how saucy St. Francis looks in a Color 24 lei! According to this Huffington Post article, “well-balanced individuals tend to wear green.” Umm, yah, no shit, Captain Obvious / Arianna Huffington. Despite the whole talking-to-birds thing, we already knew that St. Francis of Asissi was a pretty well-balanced guy. 

But, according to this Oriental Trading catalog, wearing a lei means you’re ready to “have fun in the sun.” Now this we didn’t know about Sainty Franny! Thank you, per usual, for the cutting-edge news, Oriental Trading. 

Also, you can buy a St. Francis statue on the Oriental Trading website! Check it out here or get a fucking life instead! 

Okay, check out the rest of the chapel pics.

Unnecessary separation of the sexes never looked so indie!

Unnecessary separation of the sexes never looked so indie!

The Vigil Family's chapel was such a surprising find and charming and gracious gift to their community.

I would write more about it, but I’m a little busy spiraling down an Oriental Trading k-hole right now. Is it a little too “she’s-gonna-die-alone” to buy carnival tickets to have just in case?

And how many of these “Bright Dollar Sign Glasses” can I own before people start to catch on to the fact that, despite what my eyewear says, I live paycheck-to-paycheck?

Cruisin' With Carl

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We stayed with Carl for a couple days and he took us on a personal tour of the area.  We went on an amazing hike that over looked the river.  We walked through an array of native flora including wild New Mexico sage.  

We thought it would be a great idea to pick a bundle for a sage burning ceremony to purify our car (aka our home for the next 6 months).  Insider's tip: apparently the upholstery of the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta is not fire proof.  


Tess whipped out her phone to take picture of the scenery and Carl was quick to tease her about the constant need to look at the world through a lens.

Meanwhile, Maggie was hiding in a bush with her phone taking pictures of Carl looking badass in his bandana.

There was a small bench at the peak where we stopped let Carl “take it all in” and “really feel the beauty of nature” while the three of us pretended like we also knew how to “take it all in” and “really feel the beauty of nature."


Also part of the Carl tour of New Mexico included driving us out to an eery abandoned house (so we could take pictures for the Tumblrs we’re too old to have.  Don’t worry, Carl says you’re never too old to share artsy pictures on the internet with the hopes of impressing teenagers online.)  

Next we stopped at what I can best describe as a hippie wasteland.  It was basically an enormous tract of land dotted with broken down Volkswagen buses owned by white people with dreadlocks.  Nobody seemed to be doing much, or paying taxes.  We mostly just drove around listening to Carl making fun of them for being to lazy to build a real house.  Real houses have dragons. 

We also got a chance to visit the famous Earth Ships outside Taos.  These building have become a cultural and environmental phenomenon.  They are incredibly sustainable solar houses that are made out of old tires and bottles.  They are modern and beautiful and they even recycle water to grow food.  Seeing them in person was pretty spectacular.  

After listening to a short video in the visitors office about all the diverse and functional properties of the Earth Ships, we walked around and listened to Carl talk about how poorly structured they were.  To be fair, there were no dragons. 

Last we went to a spectacular river gorge with one of the most amazing views we’ve ever seen.  No comments form Carl about the structural quality of the bridge. 

Insert Your "Going Nuts" Pun Here

Color 28Maggie OwensComment

One more thing about Alamogordo. We visited the World's Largest Pistachio. 

Right next door was a pistachio-themed gift shop. Centerstage was the most delicious pistachio brittle you could ever imagine sampling. Somehow we spent a total of 4 minutes marveling at the sheer stature and size of the world's largest pistachio but we spent AN ENTIRE 40 minutes sneaking more and more samples of the pistachio brittle.

It got a little pathetic actually, like the scene in a cartoon where some desperate character keeps returning through revolving doors wearing different costumes pretending to be a different person. 

Yep, we "looney-tuned" this shit. But that's what you get when you have a cartoonishly large nut outside your front door and magically-delicious pistachio brittle waiting inside.