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2 Dummies In Lake Nummy

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We took a swim in Lake Nummy in New Jersey's Belleplain State Forest. The cedar trees that lined the bank dyed the water a cloudy red. It was like swimming through a film negative.

Being the curious cats we are (bad wording, cats hate water, change this later*), we dipped our disposable camera in the water to see what effect it would have on the film. That was the intention all along — we definitely didn't drop it by accident. 

*too lazy to change this. You don't like it? Get your own damn blog.

Bison Ranch Dan

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Name: Dan Thiel

Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Profession: Owner and Operator of Terry Bison Ranch

Mission: “We try to give people a little flavor of the whole west.”   Dan stresses wholesome family fun and entertainment.  He and his family, who all work together at the ranch, have set up a train tour, horseback riding excursions, and ATV’s all as different ways to get people excited about exploring what the West has to offer.  

About the Bison: There are 2500 bison at the ranch, roaming across 27.500 acres.  Dan loves getting to take people out to get up close and personal with the animal that played such an important role in the history of the region.  

What colors remind you of Wyoming: “Really you have your two colors.  Summer green and winter dormant brown.”  Dan is originally from North Dakota, and says that when he same out to Wyoming at 15, he noticed how green everything was.  “Every state has its magical parts,” he says.  “We like to think we’re a part of the magic here in Wyoming.”  

Favorite color: Red, particularly the color of his red pickup truck.  Dan’s father was in construction.  He built big steel electric lines that were used for the Hoover Dam.  The company color was red.  “All the trucks were red.  Uniformity was important for the corporate theme.”  Today at Terry Bison Ranch all the machinery is painted Red, White, and Blue. 

Garden Of The Gods

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As we head north towards Wyoming, we are well aware that we'll be seeing less and less of the iron-rich reds and oranges that we've fallen in love with here in the Southwest and Colorado.

Today we visited Colorado Springs' Garden Of The Gods and got to enjoy these warm colors one last time.

Sure, north in Denver there's the concert venue Red Rocks, but, come on, guys — we're poor. The only concert we can afford is when an attention-starved barista at Starbucks hums along to the Nora Jones playing in the background. And even that's pushing it. 

Why do they call it Garden of the Gods? One of the two guys who set up Colorado City suggested the park would be a "capital place for a beer garden." The other dude, likely someone who has to top what other people say all the time, said "Beer Garden?! Why it is a fit place for the gods to assemble. We shall call it the Garden Of The Gods." 

... to which the first guy hopefully responded something along the lines of "okay, man, there are no wrong answers during brainstorming." 

Even the bathrooms are rich in these Southwest oranges and reds. How will we ever find it in ourselves to pee in the dull bathrooms of the East? 

Even the bathrooms are rich in these Southwest oranges and reds. How will we ever find it in ourselves to pee in the dull bathrooms of the East? 

Well, goodbye for now, red rocks. We're northward to places like Boulder and Yellowstone where the stones will likely be... yellow? I don't know. How would we know? Because this is a color blog and we're knowledgable and we do our research? Red rocks, please. Get real.