Seeking Color In The US


Postcard from West Virginia's Tiny Church

Maggie OwensComment

On our way to our campsite in West Virginia's Blackwater Falls, we passed by Our Lady of the Pines, whose postcards claim it is the smallest church in all 48 states. Apparently, these postcards were printed before Hawaii and Alaska became states in 1958. 

Here's the postcard we sent home:

The haiku reads:

Remember: words hurt. 
Don't call this a midget church. 
Say "little steeple." 

Postcard from The Ben and Jerry Factory

Maggie OwensComment

A Haiku:

Spread my ashes here. 
Should they get in the ice cream,
call it "Cream-ation."

ps. you guys need to try the "Salted Caramel Blondie".  While on our tour of the factory we witnessed a machinery malfunction and watched on while QUARTS upon QUARTS of this delicious flavor spilled out onto the floor.  They screamed for ice cream.

Postcard From New Hampshire

Maggie OwensComment

Off the Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire, we stumbled across the oldest continuously running general store in America, the Brick Store. There you can find old-fashioned fudge, New England maple syrup / maple-flavored candy and owner Mike Lusby's band's The Rocking Chair's newest album. Lusby is originally from Livermore, CA (SHOUT-OUT TO THE BEST OUTLETS IN THE BAY! NO OFFENSE GILROY. SORRY TO GET POLITICAL!). 


A haiku from New Hampshire:

"This general store 
had more stuff than George Custer
himself could muster"