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Interview with Music Man Beethoven

Maggie OwensComment

Though this is a color blog, we are committed to appealing to more than just the visual senses. This is the second edition of our ongoing "Musician's Spotlight Series," where we interview talented musicians and ask them about colors, not sounds, because COLORS ROCK SOUNDS SUCK. 

Our first musician interview was with the iconic John Mayer. Since he's literally number one musician ever, we decided to follow up with the next best thing, Ludwig van Beethoven. 

Name: Ludwig van Beethoven

Hometown: Bonn, Germany

Where We Met: Brevard, North Carolina

Favorite Color: According to the reputable site entitled "Sydney and Mia's page on Ludwig Van Beethoven," his fave color = green. 

Single or married: Single, but "not for long," Rachel said. 

Careful, Ludwig. Something tells me this gold-digger is just trying to cash in on those Für Elise royalties.