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Friends in Friendsville, Maryland

Maggie OwensComment

Friendship is much like being trapped in a car on a roadtrip. It's better if everyone involved has the same taste in music and is honest about when they've farted. Also, once the key's in the ignition, it's hard to escape.

Our dear friend Rachel is about to see just how true this is for herself. We picked her up in Washington DC and immediately drove her to Friendsville, Maryland. For the next three weeks, she is essentially our newest, funnest photo prop. Look how happy she is!

Now, she's stuck with us driving around the south in the middle of the summer.  Welcome Rachel to the endless road trip! Welcome Rachel to Friendsville! Welcome Rachel to the next segment of Pantomerica!! 

She has no idea what she just got herself into. They never do. #friendshipgoals


Gettin' Artsy Fartsy in Baltimore

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Baltimore is the home of one of the best museums we have ever been to. The American Visionary Art Museum houses work by boundary-pushing, self-taught American artists. I would love to go into an elaborate review of everything this museum has to offer, but what would be the point when the review, below, says it all? 

There’s no need to be redundant here.  This five-star rating really captures our entire experience, if by “son” you mean Ceil, and by “fart machine” you mean a literal fart machine.  

Stroll Through a Haunted Convent

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In Maryland, we visited a haunted site called "the Hell House." Naturally, Ceil brought her hellish little baby along. Nothing is as idyllic of a backdrop for a demon baby birth announcement as a satanic alter! 

Congratulations to the beautiful family — give 'em hell, you guys!