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Awesome Party In Williamsburg

Maggie Owens2 Comments

We couldn’t visit New York without going to a fucked up, hipster after-hours in Brooklyn.

Thin men in large hats? I don't think we're in Kansas any more, Toto... because we're most definitely in BROOKLYN! The bigger the brim of the hat, the bigger... the appetite for learning artisan trades! Look at this party animal cobbling his own shoes. 

Check out these completely unironic glasses Ceil picked up, inspired by Benjamin Franklin!  

Flower crowns galore, y'all. And since when did the mop hat come creeping back into fashion? Don't bother asking this dynamic duo if they have a solid hook-up for molly. They'll just try to send you to "sister Molly over yonder churning butter," whatever the fuck that means. 

Damn, Rachel. Where'd you get that mop hat? That was quick! 

Like a true Brooklyn party, this was the place to SEE AND BE SEEN. Boundary-defying fashion to your left and to your right, the people watching was supreme. It had us asking questions like a) how is it possible to dance all night in a floor-length apron? b) why is everyone wearing pioneer clothing? c) are you guys sure we're in Brooklyn? 

Okay, okay... it's clear now. We were most DEFINITELY not at a warehouse party in Williamsburg, but rather a daytime tour of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. This... this is embarrassing. 

Yikes... Someone should tell Rachel. She's turnt. 

Unlazy Savannah

Maggie Owens1 Comment

Name: Savannah

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Profession: Artist.  Savannah focuses on furry art, and admits that this can be controversial in the world of comics.  "There's a real tribal mentality in comics and anime.  Even within the furry community, there are divisions everywhere.  A big one is between those who do sex drawings and those who don't."  

Savannah says that, because these kinds of divisions and controversies, she kept her drawings a secret for a long time.  She doesn't do sexual drawings, but was worried her friends in the wider anime community would think she did if they knew she was involved in the furry community.

Savannah says that she has just always been interested in drawing animals, and just really connects to the style of art (Disney has been a big influence for her).  

She doesn't let the judgement affect her anymore, and has widely attended both anime and furry conventions to sell her art.  

How did you get interested in drawing?:  "My parents got me into art.  My mom used to draw me paper dolls.  My dad is an engineer and taught me to draw."

What influences your style?:  "I'm bi so I like both male and female forms.  You draw more of what you like, so I guess I like the female form more."

What's your favorite color?:  Yellow.  She likes yellow because of its vibrant, and reminds her of her hometown of Tampa.  Also, her room was painted yellow by her mother.  

On the role color plays in her art:  "I like to express a feeling through colors.  Some colors are cool, some are dreamy, some are warm and vibrant.  I think of colors in tones and feelings."   

On her experience in the anime/furry community:  Savannah has been featured as a panelist in a discussion about Hispanic women in comics.  "It can be kind of a boys club," she says of the comic art community.  "But in furry art it seems like there has always been women.  It's really even, which is cool to see in a typically male dominated art culture."  

On Hispanics in the furry community:  Savannah says she has been excited to see a growing hispanic presence at the many conventions she attends.  She explains that the furry community really supports being proud of who you are and your interests.  "I'm glad there are more hispanics showing up and being proud."  She specifically noted that there is no one hispanic look.  "Hispanics can be anything so theres probably many here you you don't know."  

Check out Savannah's art at 

Seen And Heard At AnthroCon (PROM-EDITION!!!)

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So, as you guys know, we spent not one but TWO FULL DAYS at AnthroCon and we learned that furry conventions are pretty much just like high school. There's just as much sweating (those animal suits are hot!) and there's probably a lot more petting (furries are hot hot hot). 

All good things end with a party, e.g the movie Footloose, turning 15 if you're Latina, your life (though I guess you're not technically invited to your own wake). And high school — high school ends with prom. So like any decent 26 year-old teenagers would do, we treated the big dance party at the end of Anthrocon like prom. 

So here are some tips for all you teenagers out there on how to survive prom, straight to you from some almost-30-somethings who went to a fucking furry convention once. This won't be weird at all, we promise.


1. Get Ready To Flirt

Remember, your eyes are the window to your soul. If you can't pull off a coquettish batting of the eye like this furry, how will anyone ever know just how slutty your soul is to the core?

2. Practice Your Dance Moves Beforehand

Dancing is hugely important at prom. Because teenagers are famously comfortable with their bodies, it's super important that you can dance as well as a professional. Remember: everyone is going to be watching your every move because you matter the most.

To prepare, maybe try watching music videos at home and practicing the moves you see in your room. Or, spice it up and hire a dance coach 4 nights a week. Or maybe even drop out of school to practice full-time. Do what you gotta do! Just remember — have fun with it, too :)

An important element of dance is coming off as a natural. It should never look like you practiced your dance moves or spent any time giving a shit at all. Look how casual this unicorn is about its stellar "show off my guns" dance move. Casual, but classic.

How do you give off that nonchalant vibe while dancing? It always helps to scream things like "I've never practiced this before!" or "Wow! Who knew I could do that?" Make sure to speak loudly and enunciate because often at prom, the music is obnoxiously louder than you. 

For a dramatic flair, take a page from Footloose's book and scream "I wasn't even allowed to dance in my hometown because some kids drove off the road and our pastor went apeshit!" If anyone from your hometown hears you and challenges this story, pretend you can't hear them over the shitty prom music and go find a new area to dance.

3. Always Steal The Spotlight... Or Else. 

Check out the body language on this dog (?). They are literally pointing at themselves. That kind of "look at me! look at me!" commanding attitude is always fun at parties and always age-appropriate. 

Check out the body language on this dog (?). They are literally pointing at themselves. That kind of "look at me! look at me!" commanding attitude is always fun at parties and always age-appropriate. 

As any feminist or person with social skills knows, it's unacceptable to let anyone else get more attention than you at a party, even if it's "their birthday" or "you weren't technically invited." If they can't upstage you back, they have no room to complain. 

It's your party and you'll cry if you want to, right? Or go through with a fake pregnancy scare if you have to, right? If you're flying under the radar for even a second, throw a glass of punch in your date's face or jump from one moving car to another one just like Lori Singer did in Footloose. 

Pro-tip: call the venue ahead of time and find out who's in charge of the lighting. Use the flirting techniques you learned in Lesson #1 to make sure the spotlight ALWAYS finds you before you have to find it. 

4. Wallflower? More Like Wall Power. 

"Confidence-encouraging" teen magazines and guidance counselors alike will try to convince you  to "put yourself out there." They'll tell you not hang around the sidelines, giving in to what to certain therapists call "crippling social anxiety, Maggie. Maggie stop covering your ears. Maggie, I know you can hear me."

But the thing about teen magazine editors, guidance counselors and rude-ass Dr. Nicholson is... they're not young teenagers like we are. They don't know how cool it is to just hang around and make fun of other people for giving a crap or having fun. People who have fun in public think they're so awesome but like... look how awesome you look when you're sitting with your arms crossed. 

Remember: no matter what the situation is, if someone is standing and you're sitting, they're trying harder than you. And that's pathetic. It's a wonder man even evolved to stand upright in the first place. Like what a loser try-hard. 

5. Remember to believe in true love 

This one is self-explanatory. 

Seen and Heard At AnthroCon Day 2

Color 58, Color 37, Color 36, Color 31, Color 3, Color 54Maggie Owens1 Comment

After our first day at AnthroCon, driving back to our motel on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, we stopped off at a Dunkin Donuts to each try our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Cronuts ever.  

We decided to take a real hard look at ourselves in that Dunkin’ parking lot.  It was dark.  We were tired and confused.  There was a family size box of donuts between us, empty.  It was then that we really accepted our fate as Josie Grossies.  

This realization was liberating.  There is a freedom that comes with accepting that you are the biggest loser at a Pittsburgh furry convention.  But, hey, we knew that on Anthrocon day 2, we would walk into the festivities, dorks that we are, and learn as much as possible about the craziness all around us.  Theres nothing more loser-y than learning new things!  (Maybe besides binge-eating Cronuts in the dark).

"Welcome back to AnthroCon day 2, I've been waiting here since last night. I never left. I haven't slept.  I'm so excited."  

"Welcome back to AnthroCon day 2, I've been waiting here since last night. I never left. I haven't slept.  I'm so excited."  

Lesson 1: What is a "Yiff"?

A lot of people assume that every Furry does sex stuff in his or her furry outfit.  This, however, is not true.  We learned that a majority of Furries enjoy dress up platonic fun.  "Yiff" is a special term designated to those who bring it into the bedroom (that's where they do the sex).  

This is a man singing karaoke while wearing dog ears and a shirt that proudly reads "Yiffsburgh".  For the record, he is singing Four Non Blondes' "What's Up".  

This is a man singing karaoke while wearing dog ears and a shirt that proudly reads "Yiffsburgh".  For the record, he is singing Four Non Blondes' "What's Up".  

Lesson 2: It's not just about Furries.  

If you think Furrydom is all about cute cuddly animals then you're wrong.  Dead wrong.  Road kill wrong.  It's time for you to meet the Scalies.  Instead of dressing up like animals that are furry, they dress up like amphibians and reptiles that are scaly.  Do you see what a huge mistake you made?? Do you feel like an idiot?  Calm down. there's so much more to learn.  

Q. Is this a Scalie?  

A. No, this is a Furry.  Are you an idiot? 

Q. Is this a Scalie? 

A: Yes, this is an excellent example of a Scalie.

Lesson 3: You're Gonna Need A Tag. 

Everyone at Anthrocon has at least one these hand drawn tags dangling around.  They represent your personal characters.  Often times Furries get their talented friends to drawn tags for them.  We could have had some tags for AnthroCon if we had any friends or talent or friends with talent (JK LOVE YOU KEEP READING OUR BLOG).  

Amelia here had some of the coolest tags we saw. She was dressed up for the day in a Cosplay for her fan character "Flufferpuff."  Her favorite color is teal. 


Lesson 4: "You can't always match the pony to the Brony"*

It can be hard to pick just one.  

*Overheard at the "My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic" meet up


Lesson 5: Something about Wyrms

These are Wyrms.  What are Wyrms?  I have no fucking clue.  I failed Wyrms class. 

We met a group of teenage girls that were huddled around a group of the most colorful little fuzzy things we’d ever seen.  We thought to ourselves, “hey, we are definitely in the same age range as these girls, and we have a blog about color.  It looks like we’ve found our AnthroCon niche after all.”   But it was so much deeper than color, guys. 

The girls really tried to invite us into their world.  They were so gracious.  The spent far too much of their time trying to explain to us what the fuck a wyrm is.  We still only know that they are fuzzy and colorful and not worms.  

Don't hang out with the burnouts under the table.  That's how you get an F in wyrms class. 

Don't hang out with the burnouts under the table.  That's how you get an F in wyrms class. 

In Conclusion...

Be cool. Stay in school.