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Mount Rogers: Come For The Ponies, Stay For The Cell Service

Maggie OwensComment

After a Couple of days driving around rural North Carolina, we arrived at the daunting conclusion that me might have to climb a fucking mountain in order to get some cell service.  Well actually Rachel needed cell service.  Maggie and Ceil, having been living out of a car together for months were basically dead to the world.  Apparently Rachel still had friends and family back home that she needed to connect with.  

Fortunately we were close to Mount Rogers at Grayson Highland State Park.  Right on the border between North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee, you can see all three states from the peak.  But what really attracts visitors to this park is not the awesome panoramic view, but the wild ponies.  

Yes, Wild Ponies.  

For some reason, they (the Parks Department? Appalachian mountain people?  a group of wealthy eccentrics?  who knows!?) introduced a pack of about 120 wild Shetland ponies to this park.  The ponies have since become an important park of grassland management.  

The ponies are friendly and comfortable around people- at least comfortable enough to allow Maggie to sexually assault one of them...

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Rachel was finally able to check her Instagram when we got the peak!

Check out this mountain-top action shot of Rachel getting a second bar:

Here's Maggie trying to find out if anyone back home still remembers her name:

Ceil doesn't have a smart phone so she has to entertain herself in other ways...