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New Vrindaban Gopa

Maggie OwensComment

As we explored the grounds of the Hare Krishna golden palace, New Vrindiban, in West Virginia, we met Gopa gardening in the back. Here's what we learned about Gopa, Hare Krishna and New Vrindiban:

Name: Gopa

Favorite Color: “Blue,” Gopa says. “I’ve just always liked it. My eyes are blue. I like to wear blue. When I was a child, I got to choose the color to paint my room and I chose blue."

Originally from: The Detroit area 

How she came to New Vrindaban: “I came here when I was 20 — that was 40 years ago,” she says. “Some friends and I had been a part of the Hare Krishna temple in Ann Arbor but wanted to work on a farm, so we came here. It was a lot different than it is now. One car, one phone. There was none of this ‘palace’ stuff you see now. It was just a philosophy.” 

What she’s working on at New Vrindaban: Converting the whole garden to be completely organic.

Favorite flower at New Vrindaban: It’s a toss-up between the Love and Peace rose and the Europeanas. 

 One of Gopa's two favorite flowers, the Europeana 

One of Gopa's two favorite flowers, the Europeana