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Cows, Cornfields, Dutch-Themed Roller Coasters

Maggie OwensComment

We arrived in Amish Country finally ready to unplug (read up on Maggie's previous breakdown in Amish land here).  We pulled into a campground just our side Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  We knew we needed a quiet, relaxing night surrounded by nature and fresh air before our big day of shopping for Amish quilts.  (Spoiler Alert: neither of us can afford an Amish quilt.)  Our location couldn't have been better.  We settled down right by a creek as cows came by from the neighboring farm for a drink of water.  

It was so serene we almost couldn't hear the 55 foot roller coaster from the Dutch Themed amusement park that was literally 100 feet from our tent.  

Behold, Dutch Wonderland:

Why did someone build a Dutch Theme Park next to a peaceful Pennsylvania campground?  I don't know.  What exactly is a Dutch Theme Park? I DON"T KNOW!  We didn't make over as we were too busy pulling all our life savings together to try and afford anything made by an amish woman (apron? potholder? the gum off the bottom of one of their handmade leather boots?).  

A little research into Dutch Wonderland told us that the park features 15 animatronic dinosaurs, presumably from Holland.  

A little more research also pulled up this picture... Maybe we should have gone?