Seeking Color In The US

Turkish Food Ipek

Maggie OwensComment

Name: Ipek

Hometown: Ashfield, Massachussetts

Originally from: A small town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. When she was ten she moved to Istanbul. College brought her to Pioneer Valley at age 18 and she's been here, more or less, ever since.

Profession: She worked in corporate business for 20 years but now has a small farm in Ashfield. She raises animals for meat and brings Turkish fare to the people of the Berkshires. 

Favorite color: bright peacock blue.

Why: Because it's a very bright color without being a hot color. It's unexpected that way. 

Colors in New England versus in Turkey: You'll notice that the colors of New England are white (like the houses), but also taupes and creams and a silvery green from the plants. The Mediterranean is much more bright, much more yellow, from the direct sunlight. When I get too much of one, I miss the other.