Seeking Color In The US

Red, White, Blue and Blackout

Maggie OwensComment

For the 4th of July, we rushed to the Atlantic coast — or, specifically, Salisbury, Massachusetts — to have a classic Independence Day. FUCK U OLD ENGLAND. THIS IS NEW ENGLAND. Long story short, George Washington led the troops to freedom and Maggie got real, sloppy drunk. They shared a stogie on the beach: 

Honestly, what's more American than smoking cigars on the beach while fireworks blast over the Atlantic? 

Wow! New England is beautiful in the summer!

Here's Maggie with some of the stars from the Real Housewives franchise. Lady Liberty was really  on the rag that day. 

Here's Maggie with a multiracial group of men named George while overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. You could say she's having GORGEous GEORGEous day.