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Our first night in Wyoming was spent at Terry Bison Ranch, a 27,500 acre property with its very own herd of bison. 


Here we found a 7 foot statue of a jackalope, a mock jail and a saloon where people smoke in-doors over a full plate of food. Goodbye Southwest — we’re in the Wild West now. 

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 Ceil, Maggie, Tess

Ceil, Maggie, Tess

 How to "dress" for "success" in the "Wild, Wild West"

How to "dress" for "success" in the "Wild, Wild West"

The official credo here is “At the Terry Bison Ranch, Guests, Employees and Animals are #1. This begs the question, who ranks at #2?

At TBR, you can take a 2 hour train tour, a self-guided ATV tour or even a horseback-riding tour to explore the grounds and come face-to-face with a real American bison. Or, if you’re self-obsessed and poor, you can just walk around taking pictures of yourselves like we did. 

If you get a hankering for breakfast food / eat breakfast at noon when you’re all to hungry and irritable to even speak to each other, you can do what we did and eat rocky mountain oysters in the saloon. Nothing like putting out a cigarette and finishing your bull testicles. 

By the way, if you didn't realize the title of this blog post is a lyric from Will Smith's "Wild, Wild West,"No you don't want nada, None of this, gun in this, brother running this."