Seeking Color In The US

Weasel & Fitz Crico

Maggie OwensComment

Name: Christopher.  He had trouble pronouncing his name as a young child so he’s been going by Crico (pronounced Kreeko) his whole life.  

Hometown: Madrid, NM

Profession: Works at Weasel & Fitz art gallery in Madrid, which features work from local artists and specializes in recycled, found object, and Folk Art. 

Favorite Color:  It’s between lime green and orange.  Crico says he just likes the way these bright colors make him feel, and that he's always been drawn to them.  He especially likes the way they work together and bounce off of each other.  (The front of Weasel & Fitz is a very bright shade of lime green). 

What colors remind you of New Mexico?:  “Adobe colors,”  he says emphatically.  It’s everywhere.  “I also think of a specific shade of blue that people here call ‘door blue’.  It’’s called door blue because a lot of people paint their doors with it’”.  Go figure.  We had never heard of “door blue”, so he pointed just across the street to a classic New Mexico adobe home painted with blue accents around the door and windows. 

Like many other New Mexico residents, he also says that when he thinks of New Mexico he thinks of the color of the sky.  “It’s different here.  It’s so blue, almost like looking at the ocean when you see the horizon”. 

How do you use color?:  Crico says that he loves to use lots of bright colors, like his favorites, orange and lime green.  His house is so bright that other people wonder how he can stand it, which has made him wonder if he is not a little bit color blind.  Crico himself is a painter, and tends to use his love for bright colors in his work.  “I have toned down my painting style since my youth,” he says.  “I used to paint in only really crazy colors.”