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Hot Dog Scott

Maggie OwensComment

Name: Scott

Hometown: Benson, Arizona. 

Occupation: Owner of Wild Dogs Hot Dog Stand / Arizona hot dog enthusiast. 

Ron's Story: Used to be a So-Cal hot-shot. He lived on Mulholland Drive next to Sharon frickin' Stone. SHARON FRICKIN' STONE, GUYS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I'm talking the chick from Catwoman (featuring Halle Barry). MEOW! Anyway, Scott then moved to a fine country home (MEOW!) in Auburn, California. Finally, in his words, he "left it all and finally got the chance to open his hot dog stand in Benson, Arizona" just like he always dreamed. 

Favorite Color: It used to be blue until he opened the hot dog stand. Now, it's red and white, the representative colors of Wild Dogs. Meow!