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99 Problems And Ostriches Are Seriously ALL Of Them

Maggie OwensComment
 Such an ass-wipe. 

Such an ass-wipe. 

Considering this is a color blog, we decided to go ahead and email a couple of “ostrich experts” about life through the eyes of ostriches. Specifically, we asked: “what colors can an ostrich see?” and “what do you think an ostrich’s favorite color would be?”

It’s been a full week since those emails were sent and NOT ONE DAMN OSTRICH EXPERT has responded. Are ornithologists the stuck up popular bitches at the lunch table of the science world? Are we nerds — too uncool to sit at this table at all? More updates on this later. 

It might be too early in our blog (literally the first day of our trip) to express a vendetta but there are some bitchy ostrich experts out there who have some major explaining to do (I’M LOOKING AT YOU DR. ROSALINA OF MARYLAND UNIVERSITY).